The story of “Sowing Seeds in Them”

The story behind the title of “Sowing Seeds in Them” derives from the Parable of the Sower, from the Bible, in the book of Luke, chapter 8.

The parable is basically about a sower that goes out to sow his seed, and some fell by the wayside, trampled down, or the birds devoured it. Some fell on rock, which withered, some fell among thorns, and where choked, but some fell on good ground and sprang up to produce a crop a hundredfold. (LUKE 8:5-15). So what is the seed? “Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God. (Luke 8:11).

As I read the parable, I begin to compare it to motherhood.  The sower, as the parent,  the seed still the word of God, and the soil is like the hearts of our children.

As a Christian mother, I want to sow the word (seed) of God into the hearts (soil) of my children, by my actions, words and behavior.  However as I sow,  I don’t know if it will fall on the rock, wayside, or good parts of their hearts.  My prayer is that,  it falls on the GOOD soil of their hearts and may they produce His fruit.

We can never predict the paths that our children will take, but we can still “sow” and put our faith and heart in Christ alone.  He will produce the crop from them, for His glory.

So now you have the story, behind “Sowing Seeds in Them”. Let’s encourage each other in this calling to motherhood.




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