I’m Back….

Hey y’all!!

I know I’ve been gone and it must seemed like I just dropped and fell off the planet. I was supposed to post the 3 day series on friendship almost a month ago, but life happened and I took a much-needed visit to my hometown in Virginia.

I updated my Facebook page on the first day I was back and this is what I wrote.

“I’m backkkkk in Charlotte!!! I have very mixed emotions. I feel different, weird, out-of-place, yet at home, refreshed and…..okay. I’m okay. Okay is the only word I can think of here. I left the country, and you may not believe me, but my family is a witness, I started driving slow, even below the speed limit. Life was slow, easy, life was simple and good. I wasn’t in a hurry to zoom pass the tractor. I got one mile into the city, and BAM! traffic, a car coming off an exit races me to get in front, I back out of a store parking lot and the person rushes to blow pass me, so I can’t get in front. I tell this comparison in saying, this is the stuff that hardens you in this city. NO ONE GIVES A DANG, IF IT DOESN’T BENEFIT THEM IN SOME WAY. It’s this self-centered attitude. The rush to get to nowhere in a hurry, and if someone is driving slow, it’s sure as heck ain’t because they like the slow life. It’s because they are texting, talking on the phone or just so mentally wrapped up in thoughts, they don’t notice or know a small smile, wave and a “hey y’all” is good for the soul. I feel suffocated, yet excited to breath and take in life. I’m excited about working in my yard, time to trim the hedges, put down mulch and watch my hydrangeas bloom. I missed my friends here, yet I don’t know what to talk to them about. (I can’t explain my experience home). It’s this love that hits pass the surface, into something deeper. It’s not suppose to be put into words, it’s suppose to be experienced. I’m eager to do my yearly cannon ball in the neighborhood pool, yet ready to run into the woods at grandma’s house. I know I’ll adjust back, and before you know it, my car will be hitting 80 mph. At that point, I’ll know that I harden just a little bit from this city. Now and then I like to give a peek into my heart and deepest thoughts, here’s your peek.”


That was how I felt on day 1 of being back, and things have gotten much better.

We had VBS (vacation bible school) at church and I was able to find so much joy in leading a small group of 8-9 year olds for the week. Every so often,  a child comes along and you see that “spark” and passion of really knowing and having depth into who Jesus is to them. I had the pleasure of witnessing one girl, whole heartedly commit to a life with Christ and asked to be baptized.

So, it’s not that I don’t like Charlotte because I do, but I’m a country girl at heart, I like open fields, wild flowers, non perfect lawns, corn fields, a view of the clouds in the sky without having to peEk over a building, I love the cool southern breeze sitting on the porch. I like being close to family and ole friends, long story short, I liked that feeling of DEEP LOVE.

Anyways, I am inspired by my visit, and motivated to share with all of you. God really drew me into Him and I feel refresh.