Meet the Blogger, Crystal

Hey there and welcome to my blog. My name is Crystal and I am the mother of a sweet, helpful, spunky 7-year-old daughter, McKenzie and a busy little 2-year-old son, Michael. I call them my M&M’s (the sweet and salty flavor).

Currently, I homeschool my children, but we take on that commitment, year by year.

I was born and raise in a small town in Virginia, where farming, hunting, gardening , drying clothes outside, and actually knowing your neighbors, was just a natural part of life. Growing up around farm lands, and the natural creations, has shaped parts of my prayer life. I absolutely love to go out into the woods, or privacy of the lake and allow the Lord to speak to me through His craft.

So, now you know I am a  mother, homeschooler, small town girl and you may have sense that I have a fun sense of humor, but all those titles don’t define me. The only title I like to anchor myself in is JESUS CHRIST, my Lord and Savior. I am a born again Christian believer, that has a burning passion to serve and love the Lord.

Again, welcome and as you read my post, may the Holy Spirit speak to you. grow you and may you have a godly laugh from time to time.





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