Gossip: The Trust Breaker

This post is part of a Five Minute Friday linkup.  A one-word prompt is given and we write, freely, for five minutes, then post. This week’s prompt: TELL

We sat there laughing and talking enjoying us a hot cup of coffee.

Bonding over motherhood, and marriage.

We’re still in the stages of learning each other. Right now the friendship is fresh, easy and fun.

Then she starts telling me about her friends. The one of  that has a cheating husband, the one that is promiscuous, and the other that uses her credit card more than she should.

Yet, in her telling me about her friends,  I am getting to know her.

I know I can’t trust her. I know that I can’t confide the deepest parts of my heart to her, and that’s a sad fact because I really like her.

She’s witty, carefree and I see glimpses of a powerful God at work in her, but yet at this stage, at this point she can’t be trusted with my heart, with my secrets, with the conversations that make friendships stand strong.

She’s a gossip. A secret teller. A loose lips kinda gal.


She tells the secrets that aren’t hers to tell, and spreads them like wildfire, causing pain and destruction to the ones being betrayed. 

I wish I can say that I’ve always been the woman who I am today, the woman who sits and sips her coffee with a tight lip and open heart, but I wasn’t. I use to love nothing more than a good story to gossip about. I took pleasure in knowing a secret, and even more pleasure in telling it to unapproved ears.

It’s the “telling” that breaks down the threads of  love and honor in the fabric of bonds formed in friendships, and womanhood.

It’s the telling that leaves unfinished puzzles of trust in the relationships.

Proverbs 11:13 says,A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.” (NIV) {stop}

 Reflections:  If you want to be a woman who builds up, that guards the heart of her friends, and a person of honor, then stop gossiping. I still need this as a  reminder because I’m human, and this use to be an area of true weakness for me. Gossip has become the approved sin. The lie, is that it’s not gossip if it’s on the cover of a magazine, or if the person is famous. Don’t be deceived. Gossip hurts deep, and more importantly God tells us not to.



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In the Interim of Empty

This post is part of a Five Minute Friday linkup.  A one-word prompt is given and we write, freely, for five minutes, then post. This week’s prompt: FILL

Filled, as soon as I read the prompt word, I am reminded of how empty I have been feeling lately.

Next, my thoughts immediately turn to the ending lyrics of a song by Hillsong called “Desert Song”. It says,

This is my prayer in the harvest

When favor and providence flow.

I know I’m filled to be emptied again

The seed I received I will sow.

It’s a song about seasons. The seasons of refinement, yet still finding reasons to praise God and declare His victory.

The lyrics at the end reminds me that the seasons change. There is a season of being filled, but only to be emptied again.

Tonight I want to dedicate the last few minutes of my 5 to discuss what happens during the season of pouring. Yes, pouring out our hearts into others.

See, we love the feeling of overflowing in favor and we often remember the goodness of the events that happen in that time, and we know what it feels like to be in the pit of emptiness, and we often know the hard circumstances in that season.

But what happens in the interim. How do we go from full to empty? Well, it doesn’t just happen overnight, well at least not for me. No it happens in the day-to-day service for His glory, the defeats of this world, yet the victories of His sweet conquers of our hearts.


Pour by pour, my cup is getting low. It starts with the phone call of a dear friend receiving news that her dreams of child-bearing are being stripped from her body. You cover her in confident prayers, pouring out what He poured into you. You later weep for her in the privacy of your bedroom, you’ve taken on her desperation, yes your cup is getting low.

Sprinkle by sprinkle, it’s the smile of encouragement that you offer to a stranger that is desperately seeking some light in this world. You are on an appointment from God to tell them He is the Sun they seek, the One that brings light to the dark days. Next, you hear their burden story. Your heart breaks for them, because it breaks God’s heart too, yet He sent you to offer the hope of restoration. Now, my cup is getting lower.

Drip by drip, it’s the combat of negative family and friends. Fighting to stay positive just to be met by pessimistic outlooks. You share your dreams and desires, to give hope that they can come true. In return, you are only told of the obstacles rather than the finish line of success that keeps one motivated. Now, my cup is close to empty.

Now I’m coming to the end of my post, and to the end of my full. I’m feeling empty. Now it’s time to dive into the solitude of deep prayers with my Abba. I am safe there. I am secure there. I am at peace there. I’m being filled there.

Yes filled, only to pour Him out sprinkle by sprinkle, drip by drip, pour by pour into others, so that they may be filled with the Hope, Love that keeps me sustain.Signature

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Bloom Like the Wildflowers…

This post is part of a Five Minute Friday linkup. A one-word prompt is given and we write, freely, for five minutes, then post. This week’s prompt: Bloom. 

My very first 5 minute Friday, and I am crazy excited….5 minutes starts now..LET’S GO!

I very recently went to visit my small hometown in Virginia for 2 weeks. It’s where I grew up, and I spent lots of days just driving around, taking in the beauty of rustic things, farmers equipment, open fields, dirt roads and old wooden buildings.

But among those things there were these little beauties uncontrollably growing, directing it’s attention to the sun, set apart, yet gathered with the weeds, blowing in the winds of peace, casting the beauty of it’s bloom…they were WILDFLOWERS. Where did they come from? No one planted them, no one watered them, no pruning, without care…yet they bloom wild, and free….



Daugthers of the King, open up and bloom like the wildflowers…

Rise and grow from among the weeds, in the miracles of the Creator.

Point the petals of your hearts toward the Son (sun) of Glory.

Receive the rains of grace in the dry fields.

Be refreshed by the Living Water.

Be noticed as a reflection of His works.

Bloom like the wildflowers…

Grow in the words of the Father

When the summer storms come, with strong winds

Sway and bind under the freedom in His presence

You can not be uprooted, where He has planted you.

Your beauty is captivating, and the secrets of your seeds are from the Planter.

Bloom, you radiant daughters of the Mighty King

Open and bloom like the wildflowers…..






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Music Mondays, Chains are Meant to be Broken, and Darkness is Made for Light

 Music Monday

“He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death,  And broke their chains in pieces. Oh that men would give thanks to the LORD for His goodness, And for His wonderful works to the children of men!”  Psalm 107:14-15 NKJV

Before writing this post,  I searched the definitions for the words chain and sin in the online Webster’s dictionary. This is what it stated.

Chain-( when used as a verb) something that confines, restrains, or secures.  In addition, this word is often associated with a use for prisoners and slaves.

Sin– an often serious shortcoming; transgression of the law of God.

With those two definitions in mind, imagine yourself in a dark murky dungeon, of solitude for years. A prisoner, awaiting death. The shadows of darkness are so deep, that you might as well have on blindfolds. You long  to see just a sliver of light.

You have been standing, and chain to a steel pole. Your hands, feet and body are completely confine. You strain your ears, to hear for any sign of life, within your space, and there is always nothing.

The air is thick, making it hard to breathe, and when you scream out into the shadows, you are met with a return of echoes.

You desperately want to be free, so you begin to struggle against metal links that are holding you back. You fight and fight, but the chains seem to become tighter and tighter.

The darkness becomes too overwhelming and your breathing is hard.

You give up and after trying with all your fleshly might,  you can’t break free.

You are quickly accepting the facts….

You are a lone prisoner. You are bond in chains. You can barely breathe.  You are in darkness and there is no escape. 

You feel defeated and have surrendered to your conditions. There is no hope. You have become a prisoner to your sins.

Let’s pause for a moment here, as I bring a moment of  understanding to this story.

Sin is real, and the affects of it are very much like this story. It separates us from His light. It causes a shortness of spiritual breathe, killing the soul. Sin, keeps us in chains, bond, confine and slaves to our wrongdoings.


Now, let’s go back to that imaginary dungeon. You’ve been hanging your head in self pity and sorrow.

You cry out, but this time, it’s from the depths of your heart, seeking for something, someone beyond this world.

To your amazement,  you hear a still small voice calling in the darkness, saying “Here I am, I have come to redeem you”, and all the shadows of the darkness are shattered with His glorious light.

Your chains are being broken, and the sound of metal falling to the floor, are pleasant to your ears. The air is clear, and your lungs are grateful.


You stand in awe of the One that made your hopeless situation, hopeful. You bow and weep in joy of your new found freedom. Who is this Man of light that came to your rescue, breaking you free?

His name is Jesus.

“For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.” Romans 8:2

 REFLECTIONS and UNDERSTANDING: I wanted to give you a visual of what sin does, but better yet, a visual of what our salvation in Jesus does. Sin causes us to stumble in darkness, all while cutting off our life supply to God. When Jesus died on that cross, and poured out His precious blood,  He made a way for us to walk in light, truth, and freedom. He destroyed the sting of death. Sin is very real, and very wrong. In this day, things that God calls evil are good, and good is being called evil. Don’t be deceive, hell is a real eternity, yet God made a way when there was no way for us to be with Him in heaven. That truth, that way and that life is Jesus. “He is the way, the truth and the life.” John 14:6

INVITATION: If you want to be set free, if you are tired of fighting against the chains, I pray that you invite Jesus Christ into your heart this very moment. Turn from sin, and begin the transformation in His love. I am standing in prayer with you. He loves you, He gave it all, to give it all.

Featured song is by Tenth Avenue North, titled “The Stuggle”