Open Invitation to the Weary Women

Open Letter to the Weary Women

It’s after mid’ night here on the East coast.
I’m up in prayer over many women tonight, including myself. I’ve seen so many social media post today of broken weary women.

Life can be hard, Please know He cares. Your tears are precious to Him. Don’t be anxious for tomorrow’s worries. Find rest in Him.

I know what it feels like to be burden with an issue.

Trust Him, don’t trust a situation that can passover, in it’s season. My heart goes out to you. The pain is too heavy for you, but it’s not too heavy for Him. His promises are a sure thing.

I’ve tasted of His good fruit. I’ve walked deeper into the waters of faith, and yet He calls me in deeper.
I can testify as a sure witness, HE WILL GIVE YOU PEACE IN THE STORMS OF LIFE.

I’m just another sister in Christ as yourself, and as always…


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